MISSING MOM: Woman Never Returns From Trip

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A Des Moines mother of three never came home after traveling to New Orleans for work.

34-year old Jessica Pratt was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this past week, but failed to show up on her returning flight to Des Moines on Sunday.

“Initially, when she didn't board her flight on Sunday we knew something was terribly wrong,” says close family friend Ashley Partee.

Partee says when Jessica Pratt stopped calling her family last week they knew something wasn't quite right.

“She hasn`t contacted her kids or her Dad, that`s not like her at all,” says Partee.

The single mother of three traveled to New Orleans a week ago to work at some clubs for Mardi Gras.

The hotel she was staying at confirmed they had found her clothes and other belongings in the room and said someone checked out on Friday.  However, her family hasn't heard from Pratt since Tuesday.

“It`s not like her to go even a day or two let alone a whole week,  so something doesn`t seem right,” says Pratt’s Cousin Buck Pratt.

Buck Pratt is also helping getting the word out but police say there is little they can do.

Although a missing person's report has been filed with Des Moines Police, they say there is nothing to suggest Pratt is in danger, therefore they can't subpoena her phone or finance records.

“Apparently it`s not a crime for an adult to go missing, which I do understand and I also understand it`s Mardi Gras, and maybe some people might not want to be found for a few days, but this is very out of character, it`s been a week, all of us have bad feelings about this,” says Partee.

Pratt’s brother and some other friends are in New Orleans to help search for her on foot, filing a missing persons report there too.

“I wish I could be down there helping them, but we`re doing what we can from here and hopefully between them down there and us here we can get something figured out and find her,” says Buck Pratt.

Her family thinks she is out of money and that her cell phone may have been stolen.  They also have serious concerns something terrible may have happened.

“We`re hoping for the best, but with all the reports of human trafficking that`s been going on down there, and other girls coming up missing, it`s scary,” says Partee.

They’re hoping by getting the word out and Pratt’s photo someone may have heard or seen something.

“We`re just doing everything we can, we just want her home safe,” says Partee.

Pratt also suffers from pancreatitis, and her family is worried she may be sick as well.

You can keep up to date on the Help Find Jessica Facebook Page.

If you know any information about the whereabouts of Jessica Pratt please call Det. Terry Mitchell with the Des Moines Police Department at 515-237-1503 or Des Moines Police Department Dispatch at 515-283-4811.