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Every time hockey players take the ice, they face a new challenge but none as tough as Marlene Valentine's, “I had a lumpectomy, I had chemo and I had radiation, a long process.”

Marlene was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and is now cancer free.

"I’m a survivor your bet."

She was honored at the Pink in the Rink cancer awareness hockey game on Saturday where the players wore the color to show their support.

'I think it’s cool that guys are willing to get into the pink thing too ya know.”

Well, some wore purple... “'I hate pink… I’m more of a purple person.”

For Marlene’s daughter Darla, pink may not be her first choice but it holds a lot of meaning, “fighting, a cure, survival.”

Three things that will keep a mother and daughters bond, closer than ever, “For a lot longer, we have beaten this,” Darla added, “‘we' she said it 'we,' we have beaten it and that`s the way it is.”

Proceeds from the event benefit the Life Beyond Breast Cancer Support Group.

Last year’s benefit raised $1,700 to help in the fight against cancer.