DOG DEATH: Reward Increased, Possible Leads

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UPDATE: 6 p.m. Sunday, February 17th.

Authorities have now upped the reward and say they have a couple of leads into the case of a severely malnourished dog left in a crate on the side of a gravel road on the outskirts of Waterloo.

Diann Helmers, who runs Agape Fosters, said she couldn’t elaborate on the leads that have come in since they released photos of the young dead dog that she believes is a Great Dane. But Helmers said it is obvious the dog suffered from a lack of proper food and water for quite some time.

She also believes city workers have pinpointed an approximate time frame of when someone may have dumped the dog. She said workers believe it may have happened between nightfall on February 15th, and daylight on February 16th, along 2700 Independence.

Helmers said the reward that helps authorities find whomever dumped the dog has now been raised to $1,050.

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— Original story posted Saturday, February 16th. —

Eastern Iowa authorities are offering a $1,000 reward to find whoever killed a dog.

Saturday morning, Waterloo Animal Control officers found a dog starved to death inside a crate full of feces and urine.

They say the dog was wearing a black harness but didn’t have a microchip or ID tags.

Agape Fosters is offering the reward.  If you have information, call Agape Fosters at 319-239-2268 or the City of Waterloo Animal Control Services at 319-291-4440.

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