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Iowa leaders could have to deal with a problem that is getting worse, the state’s lingering drought. One agronomy specialist cautions though, it’s not time to panic.

“Yes, we are behind the gun right now, but we can easily make that up.”

That’s according to agronomy sales specialist Nick Hansel, also a farmer by trade, who says producers shouldn’t take any extreme drought-protecting measures.

Mandatory water cutbacks could be used this summer in some parts of Iowa if conditions don’t improve.

Hansel feels farmers still need to go into the season with the hopes it can be a successful growing year, telling KWWL, “Well, you still have to go into it as a normal year. You got to think, you know, ‘we’re going to have a good year,’ to start, because we still are needing rain, timely rains.”

The National Drought Mitigation Center says nearly a quarter of Iowa remains in severe or extreme drought.

Northwest Iowa has the worst ongoing drought conditions.