MISSING WOMAN: Benefit Gives Hope

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It's been a week and a half since Iowa family or friends have heard from 34 year old Jessica Pratt.

The missing Des Moines mother of three left for New Orleans on February 6th and hasn't been heard from since back in Iowa.

Friends say Pratt planned to spend a week in New Orleans working at clubs for Mardi Gras, but never showed up on her scheduled return flight to Des Moines last Sunday.

Something her close family and friends say is out of character for Pratt, "It's not like her to go a day or two let alone a whole week, something just don't seem right," said cousin, Buck Pratt.

Saturday, family and friends gathered at Krazy Kafe in Des Moines for a benefit fundraiser including a silent auction.

Family friend, Ashley Partee, says surveillance video shows Pratt in the New Orleans area last Saturday which gives them hope she's still out there, "We're keeping the hope alive, we know she was last seen on Saturday. We just feel in our hearts that she is still with us and we're not going to give up until we find her."

Pratt's Brother, Josh went down to New Orleans last week to work with the authorities, and pass out missing person's posters in the area Pratt was last seen.  Josh says his sister loves her family and would never just disappear.

"Her kids are her life, she would never just abandon them, like this, and something is definately wrong I can feel it," says Josh Pratt.

Josh plans to stay in New Orleans and continue to work with police and detectives.  Hoping to catch a break so he can bring his sister home.

"She's somewhere and she needs our help and we just need to find her and we're going to do that, I just don't want to leave until I find her," says Josh Pratt.

A fnd has also been set up to help Pratt’s three kids back in Des Moines with expenses.

You can donate at United Service Credit Union located at 909 9th Street in West Des Moines.

More information on the search for Jessica Pratt can be found on a Facebook page set up to help.