FOOD DONATIONS: Peanut Butter Drive For DMARC

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Peanut butter is a staple at food pantries but the supply is running low.

“Van and I got together and said let’s get the food pantry some peanut butter so we got a big deal going on,” says Bonnie Lucas of WHO Radio.

“They were having a peanut butter day and I said to heck with that, let’s have a Van and Bonnie Peanut Butter Week,” says radio host Van Harden.

The Des Moines Area Religious Council goes through four to five thousand jars of peanut butter a month. That’s across their 13 food pantries in the area.

But their supply is running low.

Now Van and Bonnie from WHO Radio are helping out, declaring March 4th through March 8th Peanut Butter Week.

Hy-Vee will put out red DMARC food barrels to accept gifts of peanut butter. Thee food pantry network director, Becky Whitlow says monetary donations are also helpful.

“We buy about 75% of the food that we put into the pantries so I buy peanut butter on a weekly basis anywhere from 40 to 60 cases to over 100. There is always a need for food and there are hungry people in the Des Moines area and we appreciate all the help we get from the general public,” says Whitlow.