ICY ROADS: DOT Warns Of Slippery Tracks

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Folks heading out on to the roads Wednesday morning should be weary of icy road conditions.

Winds coming from the north to the northeast are expected around 20 to 30 mph and will cause blowing snow and reduced visibilities.

The DOT is also alerting drivers to a phenomenon called wheel-track glazing. It occurs when warm tires trap blowing snow on the road. As more vehicles travel over the same tracks a slippery glaze forms.  Crews have trouble treating the ice because it continues to form as the roadways continue to be traveled.

The ice and packed snow reduce stopping distances. Travel a safe distance behind the car in front of you. If you start to skid be sure to pump your breaks instead of pushing down and holding the pedal.

The DOT is advising travelers to make sure they have a winter survival kit, emergency supplies, and a charged cell phone in their vehicle in case they become stranded.

You can check road conditions across the state here.