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JUST TRADITION: Girls Basketball Fans Don’t Mind Snow

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Outside Wells Fargo, snow, slush, an unexpected mess, but inside.. perfect weather for basketball, dancing, and screaming fans.

Seven inches of snow won’t stop the girl’s state basketball tournament.

Many fans travel hours to cheer on their team we caught up with fans from Spirit Lake and Moc Floyd both, over 200 miles there normally long commute was made longer by the snow, but they weren’t mad.

The last time the girl’s state tournament was postponed was… never, at least according to the Iowa High School officials we spoke with.

“You just expect snow, that's just the way it is for the state tournament,” fan Randy Willenborg said.

He drove in this morning from Manning in Carroll County. He says he decided to take side roads and it took him about an hour.

Jim Salow came from Earlville in Delaware County. He says the drive was fine until just south of Ames, then his 70 mile per hour trip 30 miles per hour.

The snow didn’t upset too many fans; it’s just a tournament tradition.

Salow said, “The girl’s tournament is always famous for having snow storms or something the week of the tournament, even though it’s a week earlier than it’s been in the past it still decided to snow again today.”

Teams in 2a, 3a and 4a all took to the court Tuesday.

Check out scores and standings here.

Boys fans on the other hand, will not need to brave the elements to watch their teams play.

The Roosevelt-Valley, Urbandale-Hoover and Ankeny-Dowling games were all postponed until Wednesday night.

The winners of those games go head to state next week.