TROOPER ACCIDENT: Patrol Car Hit During Slick Commute

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Snow and accidents made the morning commute a headache for many in the metro. One of those accidents involved a state trooper who was trying to help other cars to safety.

State Trooper Heath Hove was leading two vehicles involved in an accident off of I-35 at the First Street exit in Ankeny.

As Hove exited a young lady driving about 15 mph lost control and slid into the driver’s side of his vehicle.

Neither the driver nor Trooper Hove were hurt in the accident, but Hove’s vehicle sustained about $4,000 in damage and took him off patrol for two hours.

Hove said he had already responded to three accidents by the time he was hit, but never thought he'd be on the other side.

“In thirteen years, that was the first time I've been involved in an accident in my squad car. I hope that's the worst one and I'm glad that it's out of the way. Hopefully people do slow down and take warning," he said.

The State Patrol reminded anyone responding to an accident that their first priorities is making sure the drivers are okay and getting the vehicles off the road. That task is a lot easier when people are giving Troopers plenty of room and taking it slowly.