DIGGING OUT: Dealing with Snow

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Many people spent Wednesday digging out from the latest piles of snow left by the storm.

“Actually I don’t mind doing it. I like to go up and down the sidewalks for the neighbors,” said Sandy Nixon.

“I’ve been out here at least a half an hour,” said Guy Harris, “trying to get a couple of cars at least uncovered and a path so that the mail man can get up to our mail box.”

At this point, some people are getting used to it. Folks have been out clearing their sidewalks and driveways 3 or 4 times in the last 24 hours. But while many adults see snow as work, the majority of kids see it as nothing other than fun.

Wednesday evening sledding hills in the Metro were packed, and seeing how much fun he kids was having made some adults see things from a whole new perspective.

“Pure delight. I’m just very happy to see them happy and see them being excited. When I told them we were going sledding they just were ecstatic,” said Missy Reaman.

“It makes me wish I was their age and could off the ramps myself,” said Andy Pratt, “I think we all remember when we were kids how much fun snow was.”

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