TECHEL TRIAL: Jury Hears Co-Worker’s Testimony

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Prosecutors in Wapello County presented more evidence Wednesday morning they say proves Seth Techel’s motive for killing his pregnant wife.

Techel is charged with the May 2012 murder of his wife, Lisa. The morning of the murder, Seth Techel says he was in the shower, heard the gunshot and found his wife.

On the stand Wednesday, a former co-worker told the jury that Techel was in love with another woman.

Michael Schakel says Techel didn’t want to divorce his wife because he didn’t want to pay child support and he didn’t want to hurt his relationship with Lisa’s father, who works at the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Schakel, a month before the murder Techel told him it would be easier if Lisa died in a car wreck.

DCI criminalists found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in a field by the Techel`s home in Agency. One round had been fired.

While authorities found the murder weapon, Techel`s attorneys say they didn`t find any trace of blood inside in the bathroom, the kitchen, the shower, or the washing machine.  The defense alluded to the possibility of another shooter, claiming that authorities knew the couple was having trouble with a neighbor.

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