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CARJACKING BREAK: Police Find Vehicle

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Police have got a break in a carjacking case that left a man in a medically induced coma.

Channel 13 observed police towing a gray Nissan Altima Wednesday night at Summerplace Apartments on SW 9th Street in Des Moines with Arkansas license plates. Crime scene investigators were also at the scene.

Apart from the license plate, the car matched the description of the car police were looking for since Tuesday night.

Officers confirmed overnight that this is indeed the missing vehicle.

Police say 36-year old Mike Wasike was driving home around 8.30 Tuesday night when he was assaulted and his vehicle was stolen.

Officers found Wasike lying in the street bleeding from a head wound.

He is still in a medically induced coma and is described as being in a critical condition.

Police say they are waiting for Wasike to wake up  or someone to come forward with more information, "Unless we get a tip or a phone call or some information from someone who may know what happened we`re going to have to wait until he`s available for interview."

Police are trying to determine if the Arkansas license plates were stolen.