GUNS N HOSES: Teams Play For Charity

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Law Enforcement Officials and Firefighters took a break from the daily grind for a friendly competition, all in the name of charity.

Buc’s Ice Arena hosted the 8th annual "Guns and Hoses” hockey game Sunday afternoon.

In the game of hockey, you expect competition on the ice.

However, this wasn't your typical rivalry; this was a match-up between metro police officers and firefighters.

“We try to pick ones that have local connections so we can benefit kids here in Polk County, Central Iowa, Des Moines area,” says Johnston Police Detective Travis Hamilton.

This year's 'Guns and Hoses' game choose The Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization close to Hamilton’s heart, whose son Trae was granted a wish.

“He had his kidney transplant we`re coming up on the four-year anniversary, he`s doing really good, and he`s excited to start kindergarten, and do those type of things, that transplant made him able to do all the things that normal kids do so he`s doing really well,” says Hamiliton.

Families crowded into Buc’s Arena to watch the match-up.

The Iowa Chapter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation has already granted 2,500 wishes and it's fundraisers like Sunday’s game that will keep that number climbing.

“We grant wishes for children with life threatening illnesses, and we do that to promote the human experience through hope, joy and strength,” says Ashley Dockendorf with the Iowa Chapter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The money raised from the hockey game will go towards granting more wishes, like the one the Hamilton’s received.

So, what started as a friendly match-up between two rivalries, ended with a common goal to have a little fun on the ice all in the name of charity.

“This particular game takes on a new meaning, and I couldn`t care less who wins the game, we`re all together in this and as long as the charity is the big winner the game doesn`t really matter,” says Hamilton.

The Firefighters took the win for the second year in the row, with a score of six to two.

The charity event raised $30,000 for the Iowa Chapter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation, that will help grant three wishes.