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HOSPITAL REACTION: Officals Talk Healthcare

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Governor Branstad has a plan he says would give better coverage to the uninsured: the “Healthy Iowa Plan.”

The Governor says it would cover 89,000 uninsured Iowans, but the Iowa Hospital Association says that’s not enough.

CEO Kirk Norris says at this point, there just aren’t enough details in the governor’s plan, and it has left them with more questions than answers.

"Our first reaction was to try and dig in to the details and see what was there. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of details right now," said Norris.

A big concern of the association's is mental health. “Go into a hospital and ask them who’s coming in on a daily basis and it’s a lot of folks that have mental health needs,” said Norris.

Norris says while the governor's plan would not have mental health coverage, he says a Medicaid expansion would.

“Our position is in order to expand the services of mental health coverage which is a critical need in our communities we need to expand coverage for Medicaid,” said Norris.

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