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CAPITOL CUTS: Where Dollars Will Disappear

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The state's budget chief expects cuts of $46.5 million in the coming year because of federal sequestration. Department of Management Director Dave Roederer laid out the cuts that would affect everything from programs for the young and old, blind, disabled, and the arts. Plus, cuts would mean fewer dollars for conservation, meat inspectors and drug courts. But Roederer said the largest dollar cuts would hit the state's education and health departments. Roederer said department directors hope most Iowans won't notice the reductions. He said, "I would hope not. That is certainly our goal, to make certain they do not."

Roederer said the reductions equal 237 full-time positions, although, since state programs can get funding from different sources, Roederer said, the cuts won't necessarily mean the losses of 237 positions. He said the governor doesn't plan on using surplus state dollars to make up for the federal cuts.

Roederer did caution that sequestration, in its present form, could bring similar cuts every year until 2021, unless congress and the president come up with an alternative.

Here's the full list of the state department cuts.

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