MORNING BUZZ: Guns, Gays and Games

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Good Morning!

The News has familiar themes and some strong reaction already from viewers.  Why do we keep talking about this stuff?  Because it keeps coming up.


Protests about gun control proposals in front of Sen Charles Grassley’s office are for show.  He isn’t likely to change his views but the people standing in front of the Federal Building knew they’d get on TV.  That’s the way the game is played.  I hear what Grassley is saying about creating too many regulations for simple gifting of firearms that might be family heirlooms but it doesn’t cover the entire debate.  I give him credit for saying he will look at the bill before making a decision on Assault rifle bans or limits on capacity for magazine’s.

On those two topics…someone emailed to tell us we don’t know what we’re talking about when it comes to guns.  This viewer seemed to think we simply made up the Des Moines Register poll about the issue and that our use of terminology showed some ignorance..  He also suggests we take our own unscientific survey and promises the result of that would show something different from the Register’s scientific survey.  I’m sure it would.

I think anyone who heard the story this morning knows the Des Moines Register Poll, did, in fact, indicate support in Iowa for gun control measures like background checks.  The poll is a sample… a snapshot, but it isn’t made up or propaganda.  How quick would gun rights advocates be to cite the poll if the numbers were reversed?

I’ll say again, ranting about this debate only makes people who value second amendment rights look a little crazy.  The Government is not coming for your guns.  Call me naive if you like but if you start with that kind of premise…ANY law can be looked at as an infringement on freedoms.  Some of you may be yelling at your computer right now….”That’s right Pat!”  The beauty of our Constitution is that it can change as our Nation does.  We can specify certain restrictions while retaining basic rights enumerated in the Constitution.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Here’s an interesting article I found comparing number of gun deaths in developed countries. The US is off the charts but look at the number of guns owned in other countries and take note of the ways guns are viewed.  You have to ask yourself: Are we Americans just more homicidal by nature?  Look at the number of gun deaths…countries like the UK, France, Ireland, Australia, Japan are all so much lower than the US.  Are those not free societies?  Is that not some evidence of a middle ground where people can retain the right to own a gun but restrictions can help lower death rates?  Again, it’s worth a discussion. We may end up right back where we started but that’s not a reason to go crazy when someone suggests a discussion.


Thank you to the Iowa House for reminding all of us that you are against same-sex marriage.   I’m sure everyone was unclear about that.  This is a recycled constitutional amendment that would define marriage in Iowa as between a man and woman.

I understand sticking to principles.  What I don’t understand is why these Lawmakers think their constituents won’t understand that it is a total waste of time to pass a measure like this given the makeup of the Senate.  I think voters are smarter than politicians give them credit for.

Rand Makes a Stand

For more than 12 hours Sen Rand Paul filibustered in the traditional fashion last night.  Even his political opponents had to admire that Paul didn’t just hide behind another tactic called a “hold”.  Every national news outlet had video and audio of Paul objecting to the explanation the administration is giving on the use of unmanned drones in the US or on US Citizens.  It’s harder than you think to stand up for 12 hours and talk.

On a related note, that discussion about drones disturbed me as well.  The question is whether an unmanned drone could attack a US citizen on US soil?  Why cant the Attorney General simply answer NO?  Saying the Administration “has no intention”  of using force on US Citizens on US soil is not good enough.  I have no intention of robbing a bank today.  I could do it if I was motivated.

The President should come out and say, it is the policy of The Government of the United States that a US Citizen’s rights of due process will always be honored.  Period.  Just like Gun rights advocates don’t need to get crazy about an assault rifle ban, The President doesn’t need to give fuel conspiracy theories.


Iowa State’s win last night should be enough to get them into what promises to be a crazy NCAA tournament this year.  Last night alone we had another round of upsets as Georgetown went down to Villanova and Minnesota lost to Nebraska.

Seriously anyone who makes this field has a chance to make a run.  As of this morning ESPN still had Minnesota as a 10 seed in the field.  I can’t imagine the Gophers make the tournament after that bad loss to Nebraska last night.


The Chicago Blackhawks are giving the NHL a lot of positive press right now with their consecutive points streak.  It continued last night.  The Hawks are winning with beautiful offense, hard-hitting defense and great goaltending.  I’ve always been a casual hockey fan, that is to say, I watch the Blackhawks but not other NHL games.  Even if you are not a hockey fan, these games have been fun to watch!

I hope you have a great day!


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