TIP LINE: Police To Start School Crime Stoppers

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The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line has been around for nearly 30 years.

But now Des Moines Police want to add a second line, to encourage students to alert police to crime and weapons in and around their schools.

Students at Lincoln High School say they're all for it.

“I think it would be a pretty good idea, it would keep everyone safe,” says Lincoln High Senior Caleb Smith.

Des Moines Police plan to kick off a new version of crime stoppers.  They want to reach out to students using a device they use best and use it for good.

“We want to focus this out just to the students, just for the schools,  and once it`s in place, they`ll have several means in which they can contact us and give tips,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax from the Des Moines Department.

Each of Des Moines' high schools have a school resource officer available to talk to students, this tip line would provide another way students could report a crime anonymously.

“I think that would be better because not everyone is a people person and would want to talk to somebody and be able to express those feelings, so they`d be better off writing or texting or something,” says Lincoln High Senior Lanice Hunt.

During the first semester, officials confiscated six weapons from students in the Des Moines School District.

This new tip line is hoping to get even more weapons off the streets.

“If it`s leading to the recovery of weapons, especially guns we`re looking at a reward structure for that for the student,” says Sgt. Halifax.

Students agree the promise of cash would encourage them to come forward with information.

“Everybody wants a reward for doing something good,” says Smith.

The added tip line should be up and running by the end of this school year, and will only cost about $1,500.

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