TRAINERS NEEDED: Petition For More Athletic Trainers

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Athletes try to stay injury free both in and out of season. Some say in order to do that schools need athletic trainers.

Most large school districts have at least one full time athletic trainer to cater to athlete’s needs but smaller schools aren't as lucky.

Those schools that have athletic trainers are putting in overtime. Allison Smith is an athletic trainer at Grandview University and she says having trainers on hand is key to an athlete’s success.

“We want the well-being for all of our athletes, we want to make sure that someone is there who has the knowledge and skills to take care of these injuries,” says Smith.

However, injuries are more likely to happen in smaller school districts where there may not be a trainer.

Smith says, “It`s the smaller schools that kind of seem to get the short end of the stick in that sense. They tend to not have a full time athletic trainer or access to one at all.”

She's promoting a petition so schools not only in Iowa are required to have an athletic trainer but schools nationwide.

So far the petition has over 5,000 signatures.

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