GIRL SCOUTS: Iowa’s Favorite Cookie?

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Each year in Iowa almost two million Girl Scout cookies are sold. Ever wonder what cookies we like the most?

Picking a favorite depends on where in the state you live but everyone has their favorites.

One young scout thinks she knows, “Probably caramel delights because we only have two left.”

And the proof is in the pudding, or rather the cookie.

Antoinette Bernich works for the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa and says cookies season is a tradition, “Cookies are just a part of the girl scout experience that`s what little girls, they love to sell cookies, they love to make people happy by selling their favorite cookies."

What about Des Moines favorite cookie?

“Over here we have thin mints. As you can see we don’t have very many, we can’t seem to keep them in stock," added Bernich.

Thin mints have been the top seller for the past three years, caramel delights are a close second followed by peanut butter patties.

"There just good, they've always been good, they never change," thinks another happy customer.

cookie graph

Out of all the counties in Iowa, only a few of the them have a different cookie of choice. For example people in Sioux City love their peanut butter patties making them the number one cookie there.

On the western side of the state, thin mints take the bronze medal.

Bernich calls this a micro-trend, “In different communities different cookies rise to the top.”

Across the nation, the top seller is still thin mints beating cookies that are on the shelf year round.

This year in fact, thin mints surpassed Oreos as the number one selling cookie in the whole country. People are passionate about thin mints and clearly that`s a trend across the country.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

The selling season only lasts six weeks. You can buy cookies until March 17th.