MORNING BUZZ: Francis, Madness, and The Big 4-0

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Good Morning…

Join me, if you would, in wishing my brother Matt a Happy 40th Birthday.  Matt and his wife Amy moved here five years ago and its been great having a Super-majority of the family in Des Moines.  That way we control Holidays.    Happy Birthday Matt.

The News


I watched the coverage of the Papal selection partly because its my job and partly, as a lapsed Catholic, I am interested to see who the Cardinals picked.  Sometimes they surprise.  Pope Francis wasn’t near the top of the list of favorites but he got to 115 votes by the fifth ballot.  He is the first Jesuit Pope, which means generations of Men who went Jesuit Prep schools will be looking for a JUG notice  next time they’re late for Mass.  It’s a Catholic thing.

My wife pointed out our script about the Pope was a bit redundant this morning.  We said “The new Pope started his first day on the job praying”. her question to me when we got on the phone this morning…isn’t that just a given?

I have hopes for the Catholic Church and its future but the selection of this Pope does not have me holding my breath.


Iowa State fans…what’s your excuse going to be to take a long lunch? The Clones play at 11:30 this morning so we will likely be giving updates a couple of times over the Noon hour. Coach Hoiberg got some love from ESPN yesterday.   This is one of those days I’m not sure who will be watching us at Noon.  Hawkeye fans I suppose.  Maybe not after I tell you we will be rooting against the hawks tonight.  They lay Northwestern in the Big 10 Tournament. I don’t think Northwestern is going to pull off the upset and I would like to see Iowa make a run at getting in the tournament. I still have to root for my wife’s alma matter

Missouri play tonight in the SEC tournament as well.  We’ll see if the Tigers ca win a game on a neutral floor.


So Sally sends me a text yesterday telling me she “disliked” the blog from Monday.  She said she didn’t mean it.  She said she was trying to figure out who had already “disliked” it…there was already one  on the page.  She clucked on the thumbs down and added herself to the list.  I just wanted to explain lest you think my wife hates my writing.

I hope you have a good day.


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