VERDICT WATCH: Techel Jury Continues Deliberation

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The jury wrapped up their third full day of deliberations without a verdict in the Seth Techel murder trial.

The Wappelo County man is accused of shooting his pregnant wife last May. Prosecutors believe he did it so he could be with another woman.

We can only assume that they are considering the defense`s claim that another person shot and killed Lisa Caldwell Techel last May.

The judge was asked how long deliberations will continue.  He says it`s at the court`s discretion, but as of now, he`s ordered the jury to keep at it.

Late Thursday morning outside the jury room, you could hear Seth Techel`s voice.  It sounded like his interrogation by the DCI, but there`s no way of knowing for sure.  Techel was interviewed the morning of the murder on May 26th 2012 and again that afternoon.

Nothing else was heard from the jury room Thursday.

Whether they are hung on the state`s motive for the murder or the defense`s argument of an alternate killer we won’t know.

The jury will resume deliberations Friday morning at 9:30 a.m.

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