FEDERAL BUDGET: Iowa Lawmakers Split

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Iowa’s Representatives in the U.S. House are split over plans for the federal budget.

A vote on a budget blueprint for the next ten years passed along party lines Thursday.

The plan put forth by Rep. Paul Ryan balances the budget by 2023 without raising taxes. Democrats argue it will cost jobs and increase healthcare costs by eliminating the Affordable Care Act.

Iowa Republicans Tom Latham and Steve King voted in favor, while Democrats Dave Loebsack and Bruce Braley were against.

Rep. Braley released a statement shortly after the vote saying, “the Ryan budget balances the federal budget on the backs of seniors and working Americans.  The American people want a balanced approach to deficit reduction, and they`re sick of these political games.  It`s time republicans and democrats came together to do the hard work of reducing the debt.”

Rep. Latham also released a statement saying, “Hardworking, responsible Iowans prioritize and balance their own finances every month, and they deserve nothing less from their elected officials.  The budget plan achieves the basic goals of accountability and fiscal soundness that are necessary to get our economy moving again.”

A similar budget divide is developing in the senate too. Democrats are looking to cut deficits by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and Republicans want no part of it.