JUSTICE MARCH: Families Petition For System Reform

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Dozens of people rallied at the statehouse for reforming Iowa’s justice system.

The group Iowans for Justice delivered a petition to Governor Branstad Thursday afternoon.

Supporters say they are providing a voice for those who’ve been wronged by the system.

Much of the group is made up of the family and friends of ex-Creston cops John Sickles and Jamie Christensen. The men are serving 25 years at Oakdale Prison.

Sickels was found guilty of forcing a woman into sex at a local country club. A jury believed Christensen watched the rape and tried to keep the woman quiet.

The group believes the men were wrongfully convicted.

“We want lawmakers to create some sort of a task force to see how big of a problem this is in Iowa. I know it affects more people than just our family,” Vicki Sickels-Osland said.

Appeals have been filed in both cases, but they have been denied.