WRESTLING TIME: Ready For The Crowds

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It's finally here...Local hotels and restaurants have been preparing for years for the NCAA Wrestling Championships and now all that hard work is being put to the test.

We don't usually think of Des Moines as a spring break destination, but the 25,000 wrestling fans might say otherwise.

It is all hands on deck at area hotels and bars. Some say it’s the biggest event they've seen in over 10 years and they are already filled to capacity.

The Hyatt Place in downtown started its planning process back in 2010

“It’s something that we plan ahead of time knowing that people are going to be here and they need a place to stay,”  Ryan  Moore explained.

Other wrestling fans had the same idea, “we had the rooms booked about a year ago,” Dona Goettsche said.

But not everyone made their reservations early...Nathan Trice drove in from Colorado and had trouble finding a place to stay. All the hotels in downtown are booked or are just too expensive. Now West Des Moines is the closest town that has rooms available with the cheapest rates.

Trice knows that the price of his hotel room won’t stop him from having a good time.

Bars like Buzzard Billy's are ready for the crowds their goal is to make customers happy.

But a big concern among visitors is if the beer will run out.

“We work closely with all the major providers... All those companies are working closely with us to make sure we don`t run out. There are literally trucks circling,” J.B. Berkley explained.

Businesses say it takes a real team effort to make sure they meet visitor’s needs.

Both the Hyatt and Buzzard Billy's hired extra people to help with the weekend’s events.