COURTHOUSE ATTACK: Man Punches Prosecutors

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Two Story County prosecutors are shaken up after being attacked while leaving work.

The Sheriff's office says 31-year old Major Robinson was arrested Tuesday and charged with two counts of assault and two counts of willful injury.

The surveillance video (below) from the Story County Courthouse shows the entire attack unfold.

"A person who`s willing to violate another person`s most sacred privacy rights assaulting them in a court house is of great concern to me,” says Story County Attorney Stephen Holmes.

The Story County Sheriff's Office says 31-year old Major Robinson was waiting at the court house for prosecutor Tim meals, and even asked for him by name before punching him in the face.

A second attorney, Tyler Eason tried to intervene and also gets punched so hard his glasses break.

“They`re very shaken up and my entire office is upset and that of course is the greater concern, you can`t have our system be held hostage, be in fear,” says Holmes.

Holmes says he wants a state statute that adds a sticker punishment for those who assault police officers, fire fighters and emergency personal to extend to judges, attorneys, prosecutors and other court workers.

“Punishment is always a deterrent once people know it`s there, and these are the kind of things that need to be in place, to deter people,” says Holmes.

Holmes also wants to get state funds that would provide a law enforcement officer in every county courthouse in Iowa.

“To have a person there to be able to quickly intervene we can`t have a situation where we have to wait for many minutes to have someone arrive, because what is going to happen is going to happen before they get there,” says Holmes.

Holmes hopes this incident will prove, courthouse workers need laws to protect them, before something worse happens.

“I think everyone knows it has to be done, it`s just I hope they would use this and get out ahead of it,” says Holmes.

The county attorney's office says Robinson had been prosecuted by one of the men in the past.

Robinson is currently in the Story County jail on a $27,000 bond.

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