FANS REACT: Cyclones Fans’ Rollercoaster Ride

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At the Keg Stand in West Des Moines, Cyclones fans felt just about every emotion.

Fans were calm in the first half as the Cyclones battled to a two point deficit.

"We saw some open looks and hit some big shots in the first half,” said Izaac Reis, a Cyclones fan.

Minutes later, heads dropped as the Cyclones went down by thirteen late in the second half.

"We were down 13 and it was looking pretty bleak,” said Cyclones fan, Zack Robinson.

With minutes to go, excitement entered the building. The Cyclones took their first lead since early in the ballgame.

From the highest of highs, came the lowest of lows.

Ohio State held the ball with less than thirty seconds to go and the game tied at 75, the Buckeyes’ Aaron Craft pulled up for the win.

Despite the heartbreak, fans say instead of packing up their cardinal and gold, they will be waiting for the next time they get to pack Hilton Coliseum.

"We're still Cyclones all the way. Go ISU," said Reis.

Fans are excited for what's to come.

"Fred is bringing in good recruits and has great guards coming in next year. Our post players are a solid core to build the team around,” said Robinson.

Heartbreak wasn't just contained to the fans. Click to watch Georges Niang give an emotional post match interview.