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MORNING BUZZ: The Hangover

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No I’m not literally hung over from my trip to Las Vegas… in fact I didn’t have any difficult mornings while we were there…I am experiencing vacation hangover.  It’s nice to live in that world where someone comes to change the sheets every day.  There’s even less of the real world when you are in Las Vegas.  More observations from Sin City in a minute…


Senate Democrats passed their version of Medicaid expansion last night on a party line vote.  The Dems say Republican fears that the Federal government won’t fund this expansion are unfounded…just a scare tactic.  From what we hear of the debate…the Republicans are losing.  We don’t want to do this because of sequestration?  The argument that makes the most sense to me is the one that says…we need to focus on teaching people to be well, not treating them once they are sick.  These safety net systems aren’t being used the way they were intended.


As a sidebar to this argument you need to listen to this article from NPR on disability.  It’s a different program but the same argument.  Just because you can’t physically do the job you used to do because of a disability…that doesn’t mean you can’t get another job.  It was stunning listening to the reaction of some of these people on disability.  They’d never even considered the idea of working…of moving to work…

Programs like these are critical.  They should be around to help people who CAN’T help themselves…these aren’t designed to help people because it’s really really hard to work.  Of course, each case is different but this reporting is stunning.


I was watching are-run of a friends episode and movie promo for the Jurassic park 3-d movie came up.  My friend from college was one of the guys quoted on the trailer.  Apparently we will all “jump out of our seats”.  I can confirm that guy exists and if he says so…it’s probably good.  He also wrote this hilarious review of a Movie none of us should see.


From start to finish a classic Vegas visit.  Here are some highlights:

-We stayed in The Signature at MGM Grand which is just the condo/timeshare property that every Hotel has, or is building directly behind its property.  Really nice…good pool and easy access to both the middle of the strip and the South end.

-People in Vegas are funny..and when I say funny I mean… a little sad.  Packs of people are now renting those little scooters that people use at the grocery store when they can’t walk.  They are RENTING them to drive around the Hotels.  I can’t imagine why we are all so fat.

– Portion size is out of control.  I went to ordering appetizers and was still stuffed.

– Who brings their three year-old kid to Vegas to walk around? I know they tried to sell this place as a family friendly vacation a while ago.  It’s not. There are still guys on the street slapping little cards on their hands with naked women on them.

The two best examples of why you don’t want your kids in Vegas?  First I saw a woman leave her toddler in the middle of the Casino so she could walk up to a bar and buy a beer.  She tried the first time and they wouldn’t sell it to her with the kid…not sure why.  The Bud Light Lady in the skimpy outfit was nice enough to babysit for a second while the Mom got a beer.  Second…I saw a little girl stopped on one of the walkways through the casino Saturday night.  She had that look of panic that says, “I can’t find my Mom”.  As I walked up to her and got within earshot…Her Mom walked up from behind here and said..”Here I am stupid.”  I’m not joking.  And that’s not funny.  My kids will be welcome with me in Vegas…when they are 21.

-The Lobby of Caesar’s on a Sunday morning is what I imagine Ellis Island looked like.  Everyone has their baggage…both literal and figurative on display. You can see the glazed over look over over-stimulation and exhaustion that I imagine new entrants into his country also had.  Also, neither the people leaving Vegas, nor the immigrants have to nickles to rub together.

-We ate at Emerill’s.  I was disappointed to get A LOT of sand in some scallops.  We also hit Gordon Ramsey’s British Pub…good food and good setting.  We had our usual Sunday night dinner at Aureole.  As always it was the food highlight.  I ate Beef Tar-tar. Yep…tastes like raw beef.  We also had Orange Wine…yep Orange.  Here’s an article explaining what that is. 

Mostly I am tired because there is no good way to get back to Des Moines if you are going to connect…anywhere.  The trip takes a long time plus you lose two hours.  As I began the Noon show, the friend I traveled with pointed out we would just be finishing breakfast if we were in Vegas.  That’s a tough transition…

I hope you have a great week!


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