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A lot of people say they just can't make it to the gym.  With personal trainer, Amy Drefke, you don't have to go the gym.  She'll come to you.

"I walk into people's homes with whatever equipment they have.  If they have none, I work with none," says Amy.

After putting us through a brief warm-up, Amy sets up six stations of my home - five in the living room and one in the kitchen.  The exercises are simple and most require no special equipment.

"We're gonna use the floor, we're gonna use the chair," says Amy.

Each exercise is performed for 40 seconds, with 10 seconds to transition to the next station.  The goal is to keep moving.

When we start to feel the burn, Amy shouts, "One of my favorite things to say is fat doesn't hurt.  So, we know it's muscle that's burning."

Amy knows what it's like to feel the burn.  In college, she was about 60 pounds overweight.  She started running to get into shape and became hooked on exercise.  She says her teaching background compliments her personal training technique.

"My goal is not to have you reliant on me, but for me to teach you how to work out on your own, make it effective and have it fit into your lifestyle... and help you fall in love with taking care of yourself too, just like I did."

Love is not the word that comes to mind about half way through the workout.  Amy pushes us to the next level and lets nothing get in the way of a good workout.  She's held babies and corralled dogs, because she knows gyms can be intimidating.

"I think for myself, when I was overweight, walking into a gym was extremely intimidating.  There were all these weights, treadmills and women walking around in sport's bras.  And I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone in a gym where I didn't know what to do."

Now she knows and she's not afraid to show you, right in your own home.

For information on Amy's upcoming boot-camps, email her at

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