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Texting and driving simulators are normally used to teach teens a lesson on texting and driving, but Wednesday some state lawmakers got a chance to try them out.

AT&T is taking its simulators across the U.S. to teach people the dangers of texting and driving. Wednesday, one of the simulators was parked at the Statehouse in Des Moines.

“Think of it this way, if you look at the last text you sent is it worth risking your life, risking the life of another? It will tell you how dangerous texting and driving is,” says Wauneta Browne with AT&T.

The campaign is called “Texting and Driving: It Can Wait.”  It allows people to safely step into a car to try mixing the two activities.

State Representative Phyllis Thede of Davenport gave it a try and says, “You’re driving, then you’re not quite sure where you’re at. It’s not a road that you are familiar with. So then there are the blocks, the cars, the people, stop lights, you aren’t familiar with all those things. Then you have something in your hand. And I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m supposed to do here, so as you can see I was all over the road I was in the middle and finally Ok I’m just going to crash, didn’t have much of a choice.”

Later this week the simulator will be at high schools in Sioux City and Cedar Rapids.