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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Lunchroom Thefts & Random Thoughts

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Someone (or maybe more than one someone) is stealing food out of the lunchroom here at work.  Here’s what I’ve discovered … bring Noah’s leftovers and your lunch will be stolen, bring raw broccoli and your lunch will be untouched.

Maybe some day your boss or the head of HR will be peeking in the lunchroom fridge to see what you’re eating.  I saw this story last week and meant to post it, but got distracted … please weigh in on this topic (pun intended).  Should your employer be asking for this sort of information?  Do you think it makes sense or does it fall under the “none of your business!” category?

Tune in at 10 for Sonya’s story about some spring cleaning that you should be doing – but probably aren’t.  It will save you money and could save your life.

Last week I bought some super cute shoes that were way on sale.  Now I just need it to act like spring so I can wear them!  Sonya and I think we should have “shoe cam” during the five o’clock news.

Joan, MJK, meLast weekend we took Michael’s mom to “Million Dollar Quartet”.  It was AWESOME.  We were all clapping and singing along during the performance and I’ve had several of the songs stuck in my head ever since.  Earlier this week Dan Winters’ sent me this article on earworms.  Interesting.  I’d definitely rather have Johnny Cash stuck in my head than Lady Gaga.

I love Easter.  Do you do Easter Baskets for your kids or did your parents give you one each year?  I always enjoy a traditional sunrise service, though some years were miserable because it was freezing outside.  Riddle me this – why do workplaces observe Christmas, but not Easter?  I mean – I know the virgin birth was a big deal, but isn’t rising from the dead pretty amazing, too?  That’s always puzzled me….

Enough… I’m hungry!