TORNADO DRILL: Des Moines School Prepares

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Students at one Des Moines high school got a head start on preparing for severe weather Wednesday morning.

A statewide tornado drill took place at 10:15 a.m., but because of construction and the times students are bussed in to the school, students at Central Campus started the drill early.

Some students were huddled in the hallway, while others found shelter in a restroom.

The director of Central Campus, Dr. Gary McClanahan, says tornado and fire drills are both important.

“At Central Campus for example we have 3,000 faces in our building every day. So we want to make sure for the students’ safety, and also adult safety, we’ve practiced those drills…we’re in good shape if the real thing were to occur,” says McClanahan.

In 2012, Iowa saw only 16 tornadoes and all were EF-2 or lower. Six people were hurt and no one was killed.