INFORMAL VOTE: Two Regents Nominees Unlikely To Grab Dems. Votes

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A formal confirmation vote on Governor Branstad’s three Board of Regents nominees has not been scheduled yet, but an informal vote amongst senate democrats doesn’t look good for two of the governor’s choices.

Branstad nominated democrat Dr. Subhash Sahai, along with current board president Craig Lang and Robert Cramer, both republicans.

During confirmation hearings a few weeks ago some senators accused Lang of politicizing the work of the regents since he became president.

Cramer also came under fire during his hearing about his ties to the Family Leader, a politically active anti-same-sex marriage group.

To be confirmed the men need 34 of 50 senators to vote for them. Democrats hold a 26 to 24 seat advantage in the house.

Majority leader Mike Gronstal conducted a poll of fellow democrats Thursday, he wouldn’t say exactly how the vote turned out, but hinted that it would not be good news for Lang and Cramer.

“I will talk to the governor about the results of that caucus and he can decide what he wants to do based on the information I give him,” he said.

If there aren’t enough democrats to support a nominee  the governor can ask the nominee to withdraw rather than being voted down.