STATEHOUSE MEETINGS: Lawmakers Talk Priorities

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Both Republicans and Democrats held their weekly meetings, covering issues both hope to move forward this session.

“We`re interested in improving the quality care of Iowans, we want lower costs and ultimately we want to make sure Iowan’s are healthier,” says House Speaker Kraig Paulsen.

Republicans talked about the Medicaid Expansion Program.

They say Iowans on Medicaid aren't getting healthier, and House Speaker Paulson says there are still some things that need to be worked out in the bill.

Democrats say they're focusing on measures that will improve Iowa’s middle class.

Including expanding historic tax credits and putting Iowa’s small businesses first by providing an additional tax break for health insurance costs.

“If they have healthcare for their employees especially in those small businesses we want to help them out a bit more,” says Senator Steve Sodder.

The legislation would create a state tax credit to add-on to the existing federal credit.

Providing a bigger break to the more than 73,000 small businesses across Iowa that  pay for employees health insurance.