WILD RIDE: Cat Stuck In A Truck

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A little kitty is safe and sound after being stuck inside the wheel well of a car for a 45 mile ride.

Mike Kerkman left his home in Elgin, Nebraska headed to get his oil changed; little did he know he had an extra passenger.

“They opened up the hood and there was a cat with its head sticking through a little hole,” said Kerkman.

A quick oil change turned into a rescue operation.

“He was scared. He was almost choking. His head was the only thing that could get through that hole,” said Bob Rorich, Service Tech, Norfolk GM Auto Center.

Crews had to remove the front bumper, cut a hole in the metal around the cat’s neck, and slowly pull it out. The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half, but now the farm cat is back home with his family.

“I just kept going, oh what’s this going to cost me? They said, don’t worry about it! I walked out of there and I didn’t have to pay anything,” said Kerkman.

The auto repair shop says if they could keep him they would call him Sierra because that’s the type of car he was in.