ERIN OFF CAMERA: Blaaaahhhhhhhh! & Other Stuff

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I don’t know about you, but today I’m feeling like blaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Part of it is the cold weather, part of it is the fact that I ate to the point of being uncomfortable at Easter dinner last night, and part of it is … well, I’m not sure!

I’m a big believer in (trying) to adjust my attitude when I’m feeling crabby.  A couple of things help me do this.  First – I do my “I’m grateful for ________” list.  It’s usually very long.  Second – I think of people I know who are always negative and crabby. I don’t want to be like that.  Third – I get moving.  Today I didn’t have a choice because I had to teach at the Y, but ya know what?  My mood was dramatically improved by the time I left there.

JOELTune in tomorrow at five for our “Workout of the Week” segment.  Joel Jones has a great attitude and as you can see – a great success story to share.  Find out how he dropped 200 pounds, how he’s keeping it off and what he’s doing to help other people stay motivated.

Do you think heart rate monitors are accurate?  I use one of the Polar systems.  Sonya has a Body Bugg.  We often get wildly different readings in terms of calories burned.  I know how to figure in age, weight, etc, to account for some disparity but I feel like something’s off.  Thoughts?

I am so sick of clearing spam out of my inbox.  From improved credit ratings and sex drive to lowered cholesterol and dream vacations, it is out of control!  And really – who the heck clicks on the links in this junk anyway?!?

We finally watched Lincoln.  Amazing.

Last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead.  Shocking!

I did not see the Kevin Ware injury.  From the sound of things – I don’t want to.  I’m the type of person who covers my eyes if I’m watching a sports program and an announcer even mentions Joe Theismann.

I thought this article about waking up early was interesting.  Here’s the thing though… what’s “early” to me and “early” to you are likely very different.  There are some people who give me a hard time about groaning and moaning about a 7am workout.  But here’s the thing – with my schedule, that’s like asking someone who works an 8 – 5 shift to hit the gym at 1am.  Make sense?  Regardless – I’m making an effort to at least get up a bit earlier and at roughly the same time every day.

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