MURPHY’S LAW: Upset of the Century, Ouch!, Wolves bite

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By: John Sears

I co-hosted Soundoff for the 2nd time tonight.  Had a blast, but man, the 30 minute show just flies by.  Former WHO sports reporter Todd Bailey even made an appearance, thanks to my college project back in 2002…

I don’t blog about women’s basketball very often, if ever.  But we had the upset of the century Sunday night.  Top seed Baylor, the overwhelming favorite to win the NCAA title, loses in the Sweet 16 to the 5 seed Louisville.  This is the ultimate upset.  Britney Griner was supposed to be unstoppable, Baylor was riding a 32 game winning streak, they’re the defending champs.  Done.

Baylor coach Kim Mulkey blamed the refs for the loss.  No Kim, you gave up 82 points to a 5 seed.  You blew it, and now you look pathetic making all types of excuses.

I normally love parity in college basketball, and love the upsets, but this is BAD for the womens game.  The womens game needs big storylines to get headines.  Baylor going for a 2nd straight title was THE storyline.  The unstoppable force in Griner, can they do it again?  Hats off to Louisville but I don’t think this is great for womens basketball.

louisvilleDid you see the injury to Louisville’s Kevin Ware?  Hopefully not.  Unbelievable.  Gruesome.  Ware broke his leg in half, no joke.  A harmless attempt to block a shot turns in to Joe Theismann part 2.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The reaction from the players on the bench said it all.

The Big 10 has 1 team in the Final Four, not great, but at least they have 1.  Low and behold it’s Michigan.  I had the Wolverines going out in the Sweet 16 but they look REALLY tough.  I won’t be shocked if the Wolverines win it all.  Trey Burke has skillzzzz.

You never know how busy your life is until you actually have 2 kids.  1 kid is busy, 2 is REALLY busy.  Just to make the 11 O’Clock Easter church service the Sears family starts getting ready at 8:30.  Showers, getting dressed, packing bags, eating breakfast, feeding a 3 week old, etc.  Does it ever slow down?  I’m guessing no.

My daughter is getting very smart, too smart.  She has a great personality and can really talk, but some of her words and sentences are just a little off.  She’s only 2.  Sometimes she substitutes the ‘T’ with an ‘F.’  So last week at daycare she played outside on the fire truck.
Me:  “Adrienne how was daycare, what did you do today?”
Adrienne:  “I played on the playground on the fire #uck.” Fire-Truck

We’re working on it…


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