REGENTS NOMINEES: Branstad Pushes For Vote

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The Iowa senate has voted to confirm several of the governor’s appointees already this session, but the three men hoping to claim spots on the Board of Regents are still awaiting approval.

The governor says he’s written personal letters to each of the senators asking the lawmakers to confirm the Board of Regents’ nominees.

The senate has until April 15th to decide on Dr. Subhash Sahai, Robert Cramer and Craig Lang.

Both Cramer and Lang have received criticism recently.

As the current regents president Lang is accused of politicizing the work of the regents.

Other senators are wary of Cramer’s work with the anti-homosexual group the Family Leader.

Branstad acknowledged the criticism at his weekly press conference saying, “The Family Leader hasn’t been my biggest fan, but I didn’t choose them based on that. I chose them based on their experience and knowledge.”

The men need 34 of 50 senators to vote for them to obtain approval.

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