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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Much To Mull Over

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The last few news days have me shaking my head.

More than a year after Emily Fazzino was found dead in her Boone home, her husband is arrested and charged with murder.

A Des Moines woman is accused of killing the family dog by hanging it from the rafters in her garage.

Ashley Oakland was murdered two years ago.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed and hard to believe no one’s come forward with information that could lead to an arrest in the case.

Stories like these often leave me thinking a lot about life – and death.  One place I go to get fresh air and a workout is a good place to mull over such heavy topics.  It’s a local cemetery.  Does that seem morbid to you?  I just like that’s it’s a peaceful place and there aren’t many people there.  I look at all of the headstones and wonder about the people they represent…what their lives were like, how they died, the families they left behind…

It can make segments like “Workout of the Week” seem trivial – or like a welcome break from all of the doom and gloom, depending on your perspective.


The reason I’m posting a picture of the heels I wore yesterday is that this type of footwear is what’s to blame for tonight’s “WOW – Staying Fit While Inured”.  Tune in at five or catch the story online to find out what happened to Sonya and how she didn’t let it get in the way of staying fit.  We’re dedicating this segment to our boss, Rod Peterson.  He broke his leg and had to have surgery last week, which has derailed his marathon training.  Ouch, and bummer!

shoe rack

Also on the topic of shoes – I saw this idea in a magazine and thought it was brilliant.  If you have limited storage space at home, use a hanging shoe organizer for things other than shoes!  This photo demonstrates how you can put this to use in a bathroom, but I just utilized this concept on the door that goes to our basement for pantry items.  I cleaned out cupboards (which always feels good) and now I can actually see what I have on hand.

Finally, let’s end on a happier note than the one on which we started … this story from the Nebraska spring game will probably make you smile (although it also makes me cry).

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