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MORNING BUZZ: Catch-up, Rejected, and Rain

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Good Morning!

I must have looked a little ridiculous yesterday.

The boys are letting go of their afternoon nap and so we are having to find activities.  Thankfully it was sunny and warm yesterday so I decided to take them on a LONG bike ride.  They don’t have real bikes yet so we’re talking about trikes.  We set off, and I thought if everything went REALLY well we could make it all the way around the 4.5 mile loop I usually run down the Walnut creek trail.

The problem is, taking these boys anywhere is still a little like herding cats…cats on tricycles!  Getting them to stay to the right was hard enough…then I had to get them to pedal.  I spent much of the ride behind the two of them pushing both bikes and trying to get the boys to steer straight.  I probably looked ridiculous.

I admit my motives were suspect.  I wanted them in, bed and asleep early. Anyway, if you passed us on the trail…my apologies for the four-year old who almost ran you off the road…

On a serious note…for the parents out there…I am hesitant to get bikes with training wheels for our boys…the guy at the bike shop wants to sell us one of those balance bikes to teach them how to ride…but it’s time for our guys to get off of trikes.    What has worked for you?

Lots to catch up on today

-The rain is welcome if you ask me.  I’m sure someone would rather not see it but I, for one, would like to see as much rain as we can fit in comfortably in the next month or two.

This is the week things are going to start greening up.  I think I’ve written here before.  There is usually a day where it really strikes you…things are green, blooms come out on the trees and flowers…spring, literally pops out!  I think we’re going to see that by the end of the week.


So the Iowa Senate rejected two of the Governor’s appointments for the Board of Regents.      Is it ironic that, in rejecting politics brought to the board by one of the nominees, Senators are playing the ultimate political game?  I think we probably have other people who can serve on the Regents but I don’t think the senate should exercise its veto of these candidates unless they are unqualified.  Neither fo these two men is.  I agree with the Des Moines Register…they would have been confirmed.


Rick Santorum said this morning that it would be political suicide for Republicans to change their stance on same-sex marriage.  Sometimes its hard to understand what world the Senator is living in.  By every measure, the idea of same-sex marriage or at least civil unions is growing in popularity in most states. Republicans who think for themselves on this issue are changing their position and I would guess more will follow in the months to come. If Republicans make this an issue again during congressional mid-terms or primaries..they will continue to lose ground.

The Most Wonderful Time…

It’s Masters week and that means I will be in front of the TV at every opportunity, watching news conferences, listening to analysis of why this par three will be more critical than that par three…if they’re playing video of the golf course, I’m in.  Augusta National is definitely on my bucket list…I actually aspire to know someone important enough to be a member at Augusta…who will also like me enough to take me down there to play.

National Championship

I was sorry to have to go to sleep halfway through the first half.  It was one of the best national Championship games in a long time.  I like the fact that Louisville just won the game.  Michigan didn’t play badly, they didn’t choke… they just played a team with talent that was a little bit better last night.  Watch out for next year however…Meeeechigan is going to be good!

Time for a quick nap then back to work…

Have a good one!


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