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STILL REBUILDING: Mapleton Two Years Later

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Tuesday marked two years since an EF 3 tornado tore through the town of Mapleton in northwest Iowa.

None of the city’s 1,200 residents were seriously hurt, but the 165 mile per hour winds took a toll on 46 homes and 21 businesses.

City planners say they want to rebuild the town better than it was before, but it will take them more than a decade to complete all the repairs.

“When you move into recovery, it requires a lot of planning. Just because you lost a tree, for instance, doesn’t mean you should plant the tree in that same place,” Rebuilding Committee Director Marie Whiteing said.

Some business owners aren’t waiting for the city. Bert Schauer owns a gas station in town. He says before the storm he was going to renovate it, but after the twister trashed it he just ended up building a new one.  “We invested quite a bit more money, but we’ve got a lot nicer facility then what we would have had,” he explains.

The city is still conducting several studies on housing, green space and transportation.

Once those are completed decisions on rebuilding will follow.

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