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MORNING BUZZ: Covering Tragedy, Ceremony and Cost

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Good Morning!

OK now we’re complaining about too much rain.  We just can’t seem to get it right.  Remember we still have a long way to go to catch up from our drought last year…and though it seems too much to handle all at once…we’re soaking up the moisture and that’s good.

Covering Tragedy

So I saw a post on Facebook…you knew this was coming…where a woman was ranting about the Media and its’ coverage of the little boy who died in the Boston Bombing.  She was lamenting the fact that reporters were still stationed outside the boy’s home.  “Leave them alone”, she said.  And in most cases I agree.  Most of us would want privacy if our family was put in the same situation.  It’s worth noting here that in some cases media can act as a way of mourning for a family who’s had a loss like this one.  I know I’ve told this story here before…I was reporting once and decided not to call a family who’d lost a teenager.  I felt like I was showing respect.  I got an angry phone call from the father asking me why I didn’t call them.  Was his son not worth talking about on TV?  I tried to explain that I was trying to give him some privacy but he was really mad.  Ever since I’ve advocated asking.  Let the family know they have our condolences, let them know where they can reach us if we can do ANYTHING for them and then go away.

-On a side note…the stories of the people who helped Monday in Boston are inspiring.  You can only hope you would act the same way in the middle of that kind of confusion and fear.  Heroes run INTO the fire.


Say what you want about Margaret Thatcher, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the ceremony and the setting for her funeral.  The British know how to do ceremony.

I’m flabbergasted at the people who felt the need to protest Thatcher’s funeral.  Why isn’t anyone on Facebook calling this disrespectful.  The Woman is dead!  There will be opportunities to debate her legacy and her policies..historians will be doing it for years.  What good comes from protesting the day her family is trying to bury her?  Brooke told me someone organized thousands of people to download Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.  The BBC has a show that talks about trending downloads of music.  If the downloads got high enough, the announcer would have to say Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.  Who thinks that’s funny?


The Public hearing on Medicaid expansion was more of the same last night.  Supporters of the expansion say the Governor’s plan costs more up front and that the math doesn’t work.  Advocates of the Governor’s plan say The Feds may not pay for expansion like they’ve promised to do.  In my opinion, no one is talking about the real issues.  Simply put Medicaid covers and treats sick people…but does nothing to help people be well.  There’s no inventive to be healthy.  You want to see costs explode?  Let people get sick and just keep treating them for it.  Orrrrrrr…. we could, as a State, decide that it’s a better idea, and cheaper in the long run to make sure people have incentives to be well.  We need to train people to be healthy and let them have a stake in their own well-being instead of telling them someone else will take care of it for them.

Other Notes

-I don’t know why, I flipped on Vegas Strip on Tru TV yesterday.  I don’t usually care about cop shows like this one but I was thoroughly entertained.

-Pat Summerall Died.  The legendary broadcaster is one of the first voices I remember calling football and golf for CBS.  Watching him do his job was one of the reasons I thought it would be cool to do this job.

-Drake Relays are next week.  I will have no hesitation bringing my kids down to the Grand Blue Mile to participate.  I am going to run.  I am hoping to better my time from last year which…i think was in the 7 minute range.

-We went to Gateway for their kids eat free Tuesday night.  It was packed as usual.  I don’t feel bad  bringing my kids when the expectation is that a lot of kids will be there… that said, I like our kids to sit quietly.  We don’t like to plug them in to an iPad or iPhone so that we can finish dinner but there are times…

So I wanted to ask, may of you are parents…Should you take advantage of technology and let your kids play on the phone to keep them quiet in a restaurant?  No wrong answers and no judgement.

I hope you have a great day!


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