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GUN CONTROL: Expanded Background Check Bill Fails

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The U.S. Senate failed to pass a bipartisan gun control bill to expanded background checks in a vote on Wednesday.

The final vote left 54 in favor and 46 opposed with two Republicans joining most Democrats in supporting the compromise bill.

The legislation also included tougher laws on gun trafficking and steps to improve safety in schools.

Other measures to reduce gun violence are still on the table. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley co-sponsored a bill Wednesday that would increase federal penalties for gun violence as well as put millions of dollars towards studying the cause of mass shootings and improver background checks by including mental health data.

“It effectively addresses problems that we’ve seen with burdening law abiding citizens.
We ensure the second amendment is protected while taking reasonable steps to strengthen our communities,” Grassley said.

The debate over gun control is expected to last several weeks.

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