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MURPHY’S LAW: Awesome scene in Boston, Awful reporting, Airness poisoned

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By: John Sears

What a scene tonight at Boston at the Bruins’ hockey game.  Bruins’ fans all sang the national anthem before the game tonight.  Great scene.  Goosebumps.

Today was an awful day when it comes to reporting on the Boston explosions.  Mistake after mistake by national media outlets.  I absolutely hate when people race to be first in reporting, but risk being correct.  GET IT RIGHT.  Is it really hard to understand?  Boston was just hit with an act of terrorism, can we please get the facts correct?  Check out Deadspin’s montage of the days reports. 

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting the Minnesota Wild’s AHL franchise  (Houston Aeros)  is moving to Des Moines.  An announcement could come Thursday and a press conference Monday.  If the ‘Aeros’ make the move they will change their name to the Wild.  The Iowa Wild.  That would make 5 ‘minor league’ teams in Des Moines.  Wild, Bucs, I-Cubs, Energy, and Barnstormers.  Wells Fargo will be super busy in the spring.  Just another option for entertainment for the people of Des Moines.

For those wondering why Des Moines needs another hockey team.  Think of the Bucs as a single A baseball team, or even ‘rookie ball.’  Think of the Wild like the I-Cubs, a triple A team 1 step away from the big time.

jordan fluThe ‘flu game’ is now apparently the ‘poisoned game.’  According to Michael Jordan’ former personal trainer Jordan was poisoned before game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals in Utah.  He didn’t have the flu.  Tim Grover says he ordered Jordan a pizza the night before, but 5 guys showed up to deliver it.  Grover says everyone knew the Bulls were staying at this hotel, and he had a ‘bad feeling’ about this pizza.  Jordan was the only one who ate it, and the only one who got sick.  The next day MJ scored 38 points.  Still my favorite athlete of all-time.

The I-Cubs were rained out on Wednesday, if they aren’t rained out on Thursday it will be a miracle.  My backyard looks like a swimming pool.

I co-hosted the Murph and Andy radio show today with Andy Fales.  Fun time.  2 hours flies by when you host that show.  I’ll be on again on Thursday, 2-4pm on 1460 KXNO.

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