STRONG WORDS: Lawmakers Spar Over Same-Sex Relationships

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A northern Iowa state senator says the homosexual lifestyle poses a health risk to him and his family.

“There are health risks that my family incurs because of the increase in sexually-transmitted infections this lifestyle invites. For example, more and more medical tests are required for giving blood or giving birth. In talking with a young person, I would not want to exclude the fact there are numerous associated with the homosexual lifestyle,” says Guth.

Dennis Guth made the comments after the Senate gaveled in Wednesday morning. He said he wanted to make a personal point and open up dialogue on controversial topics like same-sex marriage.

Guth says the media has bamboozled the public into a growing acceptance of same-sex relationships.

Sen. Matt McCoy, who is openly gay, offered a response to Guth’s statement.

“While someone cannot choose to be gay, you certainly can choose not to be ignorant. What I heard today was ignorant,” replied McCoy.

McCoy says much of what Guth said during his statement is rhetoric and untrue.

To hear Guth’s full statement click here.

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