FEW CONSEQUENCES: Kids Facing Vandalism Charges

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A group of kids is accused of doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage at a local business.  The youngest suspect is just 7-years old.  We are not identifying the children because of their ages, but police say they used rocks and sticks to break windows and damage several vehicles including two buses.

Police say the children will be charged…but because of their ages there won’t be any real consequences.  "It's very difficult. I mean our justice system, our juvenile system really isn't set up for that age of a kid." Police sergeant Jason Halifax says, "It's just frustrating it's..you hate to see them walk away from it, but our hands are kind of tied."

All of the parents we spoke with insist their children are innocent.

Kanissa Patten who is the mother of three of the suspects says, "It's more than just my son(s) involved.  And when the police came he was like it was your son(s) and some other son's so I'm like until we get all this situated,  till we figure out who did what, I'm not blaming my son(s)."

Another suspect's mother added, "I think he was, you know like they would say... an accessory. He was with the wrong people at the wrong time."

One of the owners of the building says he’s not angry…just disappointed.

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