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CLOSE WATCH: Iowa National Guard Ready

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The Iowa National Guard says it’s watching the Texas explosion and the Boston bombing closely.

The Iowa Guard is part of an emergency management assistance compact that basically says if your state is in trouble, they will send somebody to help. And if the Iowa’s guard members are called upon, in either situation, Col. Greg Hapgood says they’ll be ready.

“Our emergency operations center is monitoring both of those situations, and if they need a certain piece of expertise that we have in our state we would go help them in a heartbeat,” said Col. Greg Hapgood with the Iowa National Guard.

Even if they don’t get called to Texas or Boston, Col. Hapgood says the Iowa Guard is keeping an eye on what’s happening. He says the last couple of days have been historically significant for National Guard members. In Boston, guard members were on duty at the time of explosions, and another 500 were called in to help. In West Texas, guard members are sampling the air and figuring out what the “safe zones” are.

Col. Hapgood says it’s important they follow those events closely.

“So as a national guard member, it’s not only beneficial that we know what`s going on in the world, but actually instructive for us of what our future duties might be in this country,” said Col. Hapgood.

Col. Hapgood reminds people to stay vigilant in dangerous situations such as the ones happening in Boston and Texas. He said it’s especially important to listen to the guidance given, not just to protect the public, but so not to jeopardize those responding, including the National Guard.

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