EERIE SITUATION: Iowans In Boston Explain Experience

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Iowans living in Boston say the experience of being on lockdown while thousands of officers search for a dangerous criminal is like none other.

Jason Boggess is from West Des Moines. He graduated from MIT last year.  He says he learned of the shoot-out Thursday night via an emergency alert from the school.

“The announcement was to close the doors. Stay inside… Don’t come out and that’s how it stands until today,” he told Channel 13 via Skype.

Boggess lives close to Watertown, where an MIT police officer was killed by one of the men police believe are responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. He says he heard sirens throughout the night.

Another Iowa native, Amber Mikkellsen, says she woke up Friday morning to several texts from family and friends.

Her family moved from Grimes to the Boston area last year so her husband could attend Harvard.

Mikkellsen says it’s not easy talking to her four children about the situation.

“I think it’s getting a little too close to home.  They’re confused mostly, but we just tell them they have to stay inside until they catch the bad guy.” She told Channel 13 by phone, “There’s no cars, no people walking dogs, no traffic.  We don’t hear trains that we normally hear.  It’s eerie… It’s very quiet.”

Mikkellsen and Boggess say they’ve reassured their family and friends back in Iowa that they’re safe.

We will hear more from Boggess’ mother on Channel 13 News at 10 p.m.

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