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STAYING SAFE: Iowans In Boston

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West Des Moines native Jason Boggess says it's been a scary week, with more police and soldiers on the streets than one can imagine.  "It's been absolutely insane," he told Channel 13. "They had armed police officers, standing every block, soldiers at all the subway stations, it's been crazy."

The recent MIT grad said he learned about Thursday's lockdown via an emergency alert from the school. "the announcement was to close the doors. Stay inside. Don't come-out and that's how it stands until today."

Boggess, who now works and lives close to Watertown, says he's been staying inside  ever since and keeping in touch with family back here in Iowa.

"I think they're handling it pretty well, I've gotten a lot of calls from family and friends at home just making sure I'm safe."

Bogess's parents Dave and Gayle said after Mondays explosion, they didn't expect to get another call with bad news.

“The phone rang at a quarter to 11 and anytime the phone rings after 10 I`m worried something`s not right, and he said did you get my text and I said no and he said there has been a shooting at MIT.”

They say their nephew, Matt, is also living in the area.

But knowing both men are okay, is a relief to the multiple family members back home, “we`re concerned about them but they`re being safe.”

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