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MURPHY’S LAW: Cubs struggle X2, Anchor troubles, Chaos at the Sears house

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By: John Sears

The Chicago Cubs are 5-12.  They’re on pace to finish 47-115.  They’re bad, really bad.  I honestly don’t understand how the Cubs can be THIS bad?  Seriously?  They’re spending $500 million to renovate Wrigley field, so they have $$$$$.  Couldn’t they spend that $$$ on some top free agents?  I’m not a Cubs fan, so I can’t fully understand the frustration but I don’t blame the fans for being upset.  They seem to have a couple nice young pieces but just not enough overall talent.

The Iowa Cubs aren’t much better.  I-Cubs are 5-11.  They just lost at Memphis 1-0.  I hope they turn it around.  Having a team in Des Moines that’s competing for a playoff spot makes for a much better summer as a sports reporter.  However, it doesn’t look promising.  I hope I’m wrong.  Hey, on the bright side the I-Cubs still have $1 hot dog nights.

You want to talk about a bad first day as an anchor.  Check this out.  No excuse for this ‘mistake.’  Normal mistakes happen, I make mistakes, but when you say ‘Fu%^&*( Sh#$’ right out of the gates before the newscast even starts, on your first day????  No excuse.  Funny stuff though.

Iowa State’s spring football game is in the books.  Solid crowd from Cyclone fans, over 15,000.  I’m not totally sure what to expect from ISU this year in football.  First guess tells me 5-7, but lets face it Paul Rhoads always has a trick up his sleeve.  I think the offense will be ok, not too sure about the defense.  The loss of Knott and Klein will be huge.

Iowa finishes spring practice next week at Kinnick stadium with the annual spring practice.  Fans get another look at the Hawks before the fall.  Iowa has some of the same issues as ISU.  QB?  Who’s going to be the main ball carrier?  D-line?  First thought for Iowa is 6-6, but lets face it the Hawks could win 8, or 2.  This entire upcoming season is a toss-up.

Is there anything more over-hyped than the release of the NFL schedule?  People act like this is one of the great days of the year.  ESPN leads their sportscasts with ‘who’s playing who’ in every week.  Is it really that big of a deal?  Maybe I’m just a downer.  I just don’t get overly crazy over a 16 game schedule released 5 months before the season starts.

Things are a little hectic at the Sears household.  We tried potty training our daughter.  It didn’t go very well.  For some reason she’s scared of sitting on the ‘potty.’  She went a couple of times on her ‘potty’ but eventually said that’s enough and started going on the floor.  We’re going to shelve the potty-training for a couple of weeks, and try again later.kids potty

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