STANDOFF UPDATE: Police Apprehend Man

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Police have ended a 31-hour long standoff in Des Moines early Monday morning with a relatively peaceful conclusion.

Channel 13 had spoken to the suspect’s mother Sunday but at the request of police negotiators, withheld his name. Ch. 13 can confirm the man is Michael Reed, a longtime Elvis Presley impersonator under the stage name Micky King.

At 12:11 a.m., the Metro Special Tactics and Response team had negotiators coax Reed out onto his porch where he was shot with a Taser.

He was taken to Broadlawns Medical Center to have the Taser prongs removed and is now being questioned at the Des Moines Police Station.

Reed is currently wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for 1st degree harassment from a January incident. Additional charges will be added once he is booked in the Polk County Jail.

Police are now waiting for a search warrant for Reed’s house.

Authorities say Hull Avenue and Wright Street will be open shortly, in time for the morning commute.


Armored vehicles sat patiently Sunday night outside the home of a man at the center of a standoff that’s going in to its second night in Des Moines.

Police are using the vehicle to communicate with the suspect. At one point at around 4:30 p.m. they requested the man “put the gun away.”

The man barricaded himself inside his home Saturday around 5 p.m. after firing three shots at officers responding to a domestic disturbance. Officers fired back without injury.

Since then, police have tried to negotiate with the man. Although Sgt. Halifax says the man’s behavior is becoming more of a concern, “We still are in contact with him, although it’s not as frequent. He does appear to be getting a little more excited, a little more agitated as we talk to him.”

There is a voluntary evacuation in place in the blocks surrounding the scene but many neighbors are staying put.

One neighbor who lives on Wright Street said he hasn’t been able to enter his home for over a day.

“The cop won’t let me in because they say they have snipers and other police officers in the back waiting for this guy,” explained neighbor, Paul Rincorn. “Just right now, I just tried going back in but I guess the orders are to keep everyone of this street and far away from it as possible in case the gunman comes out running and shooting people.”

Police had yet to approach the house fearing the man may fire a gun again, “We have no reason to believe he is not unarmed at this point,” Sgt. Halifax said. “He has not relinquished any weapons.”

Police said Sunday night that they’re making progress with the suspect and are prepared to stay until the suspect goes in to custody. “He can end this by coming out unarmed, with his hands raised and we can take him to custody without injury,” said Sgt. Halifax.

Those blocked off from their home for a second night in a row hope that scenario comes sooner rather than later.

The suspect lives in the home with his mother. She left town this weekend and is returning to Des Moines from Kentucky. She told Ch. 13 she is worried for her son and hopes the situation will be resolved peacefully.


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